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Laura is an Army wife and mother four. The Mississippi native had never worked in television when she began hosting her own show. For the last two years she's been cooking and crafting her way across the airwaves. Things on this show don't always come out perfect -- and that's just how Laura likes it.

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Save a Life TODAY!!!!


Hey Everybody- I have a serious subject to talk about today--Bone Marrow Transplant. My sister, Paige, told me about a man from our small town that desperately needs a transplant and none of his relatives are a match. They had a blood and registry drive in our town and I guess the response was so overwhelming that some people didn't get a chance to get tested. This is where we can all help not only this man, but anyone that needs a transplant---you can order a kit from the donor registry and swab your mouth and send it in to be registered to see if you may be a match for someone on the list. The cost of the kit and the shipping fee is around $50-60--but there are organizations that will pay for it for you if you can't afford it. The link for the website is www.marrow.org. You and I could save a life today!!! Please order a kit and make a difference! Just think if someone in your family needed a transplant and some stranger stepped up to help....how wonderful!! I know ya'll are great and will do this. You can email us back and tell us how easy it is. Thanks and ya'll are the best!! Laura


Burlap Wreath


Items you'll need-
1) Any wreath
(I used a straw one that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby)
2) Burlap (any color)
3) Swatches of different fabric(I also used some tulle)
4) Brads(from the scrapbooking section) or rhinestones or buttons
5) Glue gun and glue sticks
6) Decorative ribbon(to hang wreath)

Wrap the wreath in strips of burlap until it's covered and glue the loose ends. Cut your fabric in circles-they can be the same size or different sizes...whatever you like. Get ready to cut tons of circles...I layered two to three fabrics for each flower-like piece. Glue the fabric pieces together with a little hot glue and to finish off each piece put a brad or rhinestone or button in the middle...After I had lots of "flowers" made I started gluing them to the wreath. Keep on gluing til it's all covered. I opted to use decorative ribbon to hang mine. You could hang it using an over the door hook. Have fun!! You can mix all kinds of colors or keep it simple using the different shades of one color!! Enjoy and send us some pictures of the finished project!!

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