This is really fancy and really easy! I promise. Who knew grape jelly could be so darn glamorous!

Pecan Encrusted Chicken


This dish is fab! I'd always wanted to figure out how to do this. The trick is the maple syrup. Glaze both sides of your chicken and then press firmly into the bread/pecan crumb mixture. Also when you cook it, add a small amount of butter to your oil for a little extra flavor.

Burger & Fries Surprise


The is a new take on the ole burger and fries -- so we called it the burger and fries surprise. We stuff our patties with all different kinds of cheese. For the fries, we're using sweet potatoes, instead of regular potatoes.


Jar of Beef & Ramen Noodles


Ok...I know it sounds weird, but this is going to be a mouth-watering chicken dish that you'll love. My mom cooked this casserole on Sundays and we had half the church eating at our house! Now--the ramen noodles--are going to be used in a great side dish to compliment our chicken with beef in a jar perfectly!

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